That’s my kitten. I named her “Bangs.” She might have scratched herself too much, so she has a wound around her chest area. It’s healing nicely, but I had to butcher a decrepit, old sock into a makeshift turtleneck so she won’t injure herself further.


6 thoughts on “Kitty

      • I had dogs all my life and I loved every one (four) but it’s a big commitment. My hubby’s retired so we’re free to travel and we do frequently.

        I’m a softy, I’d never want to leave my dog if I brought one home.

        We always had cats too. Cats are more independent and fit with our lifestyle.

        Funny you should call the name fierce, Cheetah is the littlest and gentlest of my cats. The other two are brutes fighting with each other all the time.

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