About the Passenger on Foot

I’m actually someone, but I choose to remain anonymous.

“In a way, we make each other perfect through anonymity.”

You might have sat across me on some bus or walked past me on a sidewalk, but you might not have noticed me. It’s that cloud we call self-centeredness that’s to blame. Don’t worry, though. No one can really blame you; I’m not exempt from it either. It’s better that way — mysteries help us create immaculate ideas of each other. In a way, we make each other perfect through anonymity.

But that doesn’t tell you anything much about me, right? OK, here goes. I’m a Leo. I’m the first-born son. I think that I got robbed of my innocence. I like writing. Everything else about me seems irrelevant after those. Rather than happy, I’ll choose to be sanguine. It just sounds better that way. Oh by the way, I like alliteration, too!

I don’t have a car, so I usually commute. I also like walking. If I can see my destination without squinting, I’ll most likely walk towards it. While on my way, I think a lot. About life. About me. About others. About random ideas like lint, shibboleth, or cracks. Most probably, the things that would come to mind on my commutes would be my usual topics, but I reserve the right to write deviations.

While we’re here, let’s just enjoy each other’s stories and trade experiences. Who knows? While we’re writing awesome, incandescent graffiti — a.k.a our lives — and posting pictures on the internet, a nugget of wisdom might slip our grasps into each other’s palms. If only that can be treated like gold and be used for currency… just supply whatever you want here.

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Christmas Celebration


I’m still not a fan of Christmas as a holiday, but I am all for what it should be representing.

I was raised Catholic, so it initially makes me think of the birth of Jesus. When I grew older, it soon became a time of getting gifts. Time passed by and I got to that awkward age — too old to give gifts to, too young to have the money for giving gifts — so it became that time when I’ll either be happy to get cash or feel envious for not getting a new shirt or some article of clothing. Finally, when I got a job, I felt like it’s a time to prepare bountiful feasts for my family while giving gifts to selected people. Looking at how my perception of Christmas has changed over the year makes me feel a bit sad; it looks like a tale of how I lost my innocence.

After enduring this year full of problems , mainly my mom getting sick all the time, I now see Christmas as a time to really treasure my family. My mom, of course, for taking care of our family until now; my dad for not leaving my mother’s side; my aunt, who’s like our second mom, for assuming the care of our house; my sister for treating me to small joys throughout the year like popcorn, ice cream, and milk tea drinks; it also includes a copy of Jewel’s poetry book, which is in the picture above. I couldn’t have gone through this year without my family, and that’s what I’m celebrating Christmas for.

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