Tipping the Tug-o-War

A lot of ugly things happen in the world, but that won’t really stop you from choosing to live a happy life.

I’ve been playing tug-o-war with myself about making this blog. On the left side, I have my sinister self telling me, “What’s the use of making a new blog? You can’t even keep your onlineĀ  portfolio going?” On the other side, I have my other self, the kinder me, whispering, “It’s fine. You need this; you’ll be happier if you had an avenue to vent.” Since you’re reading this, you should know who won, but is that really interesting to read? What’s more interesting — at least, for me — is how it happened.

Earlier, I was talking to my friend whom I’ve known for about a decade already, and she was saying that she’s frustrated with everything and everyone around her; she said that she wanted a lot more from life, her friends, and people in general. It’s all for understandable reasons, really. She got mugged and nearly raped. The day after that, her moocher friend inconsiderately asked her to fetch said moocher somewhere; as it turns out, the moocher stepped on a sea urchin and can’t get home without help. A lot of things made her upset, and she went on a tirade of other complaints that I’ll summarize neatly as “etc.”

I already had a long day when we were talking. I had to go to my mom who was in the hospital. I had to endure an hour’s worth of traffic just to come in late for work. On top of that, I had to resist the urge to slap people in the office senseless with a dead cockroach because they weren’t thinking straight. Luckily, I couldn’t find a dead cockroach. Believe me, I was already at the part where the fat lady sings and shatters all the crystal wine glasses.

Instead of launching an avalanche of my own angst on her, I gave her my version of bluntness, which is really more like a cross between diplomacy, the Dalai Lama, and a dash of content analysis. I said:

You know what, D.? You have all the right reasons to be frustrated with the world, but what’s your problem, really? Earlier, you said that you want something more from life, but will you really get that if you’re looking at everything except for what will make you happy. If you say you want to be better, happier, then start looking at what you have that will make you happy. Then, look for more around you. It’s as easy as looking at the annoying things in life. You just have to choose to look the other way rather than dwell on the depressing. A lot of ugly things happen in the world, but that won’t really stop you from choosing to live a happy life.

Actually, I didnt say it like that; that’s just how I remembered what I said. Anyway, she said thank you to me and told me that she had to go off to the gym for boxing. I sincerely hope that she listened to what I said. I certainly did listen to what I told her, which is why I have this new blog. It’s the final factor that my kinder self used to win that tug-o-war that has raged on since last week.